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Traceability solutions to address interoperability, security and protection

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As a respected solution provider with a core focus on ethical trade, product performance, and project excellence, INEXTO has established itself as an indispensable partner for governments and businesses alike. 


Our leading-edge technology solutions address business to business, business to consumer, and business to government interoperability; providing data security, as well as brand and trade protection, for our clients. More specifically, we deliver scalable solutions for secure serialization, track and trace, supply chain visibility, and both product recall, and authentication. In addition, our platform is 100% digital and mobile application enabled.


INEXTO continues to innovate and develop a wide-range of products that enable us to provide comprehensive solutions and services (In Extenso), from manufacturing
to the end-consumer.



As a major participant within this 4th industrial revolution, INEXTO stands for ethical, transparent, and trusted trade for the greater benefit of all consumers and other key stakeholders, to include governments, manufacturers, brand owners, and distributors.


INEXTO designs and delivers scalable and modular solutions that allow our customers to add capability and functionality, as and when required: 

  • INEXTOR, an effective tool for unique, secure, and encrypted identification. INEXTOR is the most proven secure serialization solution on the market; its key features: 
  • Products are physically marked during manufacturing and then monitored from this instance and thereafter
  • Ultra-secure encryption method based on proven technologies; HASHMAC and Digital Certificates
  • Prevents both rogue code generation and code duplication 
  • INEXTIMATE, ultimate brand protection that locks product’s identity to its material’s intrinsic fingerprint;
  • INEXPRESS, performant and efficient on-line data aggregation solution;
  • INEXTEND, cost-effective and scalable tool for managing the storage and shipment of goods throughout the supply chain;
  • INEXTRACK, comprehensive data repository for robust supply chain tracking;
  • INEXTRACE, providing instant access to authentication, product and tracing information.


Partnering with INEXTO means embracing the digital revolution. INEXTO’s deep portfolio offers customers both proven and cost-effective solutions that can be quickly adapted, optimized, and scaled to their specific needs. 

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