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Interoperability & Transparency

Interoperability & transparency

INEXTO technology guarantees interoperability between each economic actor by standardizing on open, interoperable standards from the GS1 standards association. This universally recognized industry association and system of standards promotes and develops a common, shared language based on open standards. The GS1 standards facilitate the exchange of information and data and is the most fluid and universal system in the world.


Consumers are increasingly demanding transparency and access to product information like:

  • Country of origin.
  • Ability to verify a product health and safety claims.
  • Quality, safety, Presence of allergens.

Growing food fraud cases has increased consumer fears and drives demand for verification of lifestyle foods such as; Organic, vegan, vegetarian and faith-based foods such as halal and kosher.


Across the food and non-food sectors, when a brand owner increasing product transparency, they build consumer trust which positively impacts on consumer loyalty.

INEXTO enables transparency by providing brand owners with a wide-range of tailored solutions. 


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