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our team

our team

As a subsidiary of Impala Group SAS, Inexto SA is a software and services company specialized in product identification authentication and track & trace.

Our team, comprised of experienced and dedicated software developers, system integration engineers, and project managers, has implemented Inexto’s proven solutions for leading companies; within their demanding high speed manufacturing environments and across their global distribution networks.


Head Team

From left to right: Christophe BERTRAND (CFO), Daniel HUBERT (VP Business Development & Industrialization), Joe BAUMGARTNER (VP Commercial Affairs & Quality Assurance), Florent DENJEAN (GA Director), Philippe CHATELAIN (CEO), Erwan FRADET (CTO & VP Serialization Technology), Pamela PEREZ (CMO, DOHR & Office Management), Patrick CHANEZ (CIO & VP Tracking Technology), Frederic THIRY (CLO & CCO)

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