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Automotive parts
Food & Beverage
Life Sciences
Textile Industry
Tabacco Industries
Watch Industry


Full Control of the Supply Chain for Spare Parts, including unique Serialization, Aggregation, Picking and Tracking throughout the Supply Chain.

Food & Beverage Industry

Unique secure Serialization, Authentication and Volume Control for the Beer Industry.


Supply Chain Tracking for the Spirits Industry.

Luxury Industry

Diamonds & Fine Art:

Authentication and Track & Trace.

Life Sciences Industry

Our SerialTrac® solution is providing serialization, supply chain integrity, product safety and patient care in compliance with FMD regulation.




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Textile Industry

Unique Serialization & Authentication solution, protecting Football shirts.

Tobacco Industry

Unique secure Serialization under Government Control, Aggregation and Track & Trace throughout the entire Supply Chain.

Watch Industry

Authentication and Track & Trace, from Manufacturer up to Point of Sales.

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