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Product traceability system, identification solutions and serialization for industries

hold the key to SERIALIZATION and full traceability within the digital supply chain

Automotive parts
Food & Beverage
Life Sciences
Textile Industry
Tabacco Industries
Watch Industry

Automotive supply chain full control.

INEXTO provides powerful and reliable Serialization & Traceability solutions worldwide.

Full control of the supply chain for spare parts, including unique Serialization, Aggregation, picking and Tracking throughout the supply chain.


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Food and beverage supply chain visibility and safety powered.

INEXTO offers digital Traceability worldwide to increase food and beverage safety while building trust.

  • Unique secure Serialization, Authentication and volume control for the beer industry.
  • Efficient and reliable supply chain Tracking for the spirits industry.


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Authenticity and integrity in the Luxury Industry ensured.

INEXTO brings complete Authentication and Track & Trace solutions worldwide. 

Origin, Authenticity and Traceability throughout the entire value chain for the Diamonds & Fine Art.


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Complete authentication and visibility in Life Sciences.

Our global SerialTrac® solution is providing serialization, supply chain integrity, product safety and patient care in compliance with FMD regulation.




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Transparency as standard in clothing and textile industries.

INEXTO offers the most reliable product Identification technology.

A unique Serialization & Authentication solution, ensuring your supply chain integrity, proving product provenance and sustainability.


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Ensure TPD compliance with a track and trace solution.

Unique secure Serialization under Government Control, Aggregation and Track & Trace throughout the entire Supply Chain.


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Traceability, visibility and security for watchmaking.

INEXTO offers the most complete and efficient Traceability equipment and solution worldwide for watch manufacturers.


End-to-end Authentication and Track & Trace; from manufacturers up to point of sales.


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