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Various types of traceability: your new competitive edge.

Governments Needs

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Governments seek to ensure that taxes are collected and that laws and regulations are applied. They need a reliable and secure capability to indicate whether a product on the market is authentic or counterfeit.

INEXTOR and INEXTRACE meet all these needs. INEXTOR is providing unique and secure identification, so that government authorities can confidently operate with complete oversight and control. INEXTRACE enables customs and police to instantly verify product conformity.

Manufacturers Needs

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Manufacturers seek to control and optimize their entire supply chain to effectively combat illicit trade and improve their capacity to recall products in the event of a major issue.

Consumers are increasingly demanding transparency and access to product information including country of origin, product composition and certification (allergens, product health & safety claims, organic, gluten, halal, kosher, user guide, etc.).

When brand owners are increasing product transparency, they build consumer trust that can translate into brand loyalty. INEXTO enables transparency by providing brand owners with a wide-range of tailored solutions.

Supply chain

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Distributors seek to maintain the integrity of their increasingly complex logistics and distribution networks, while effectively managing their stock transactional events. They should be able to verify expiration dates and detect counterfeits. 

Interoperability across stakeholders within the distribution and logistics networks is critical. INEXTO provides distributors with a common, industry standards based solution. INEXTEND is designed to manage this complexity and is perfectly suited for all types of products sourced from diverse industries. An innovative tool created for ease of implementation and use, along with rapid scalability, INEXTEND is based on recognized international standards (GS1 / EPCIS).

Consumers Needs

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The innovative INEXTRACE smartphone application empowers consumers to establish a trusted relationship with the products and brands that they purchase. With INEXTRACE, consumers can access detailed information regarding their products. With INEXTO’s solutions they can verify important information about the product, to include its authenticity, provenance, expiration date, ingredients, allergens, certifications, and relevant product claims. They can also obtain useful information regarding product instructions, warranty registration, and even request after-sales service. With INEXTO, both the purchase experience and the brand owner’s direct relationship with the consumer are enhanced.

The product itself becomes SMART!

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