A product’s passport.


INEXTOR is the product's ‘passport’ or identity card and is indelibly marked on either the product or its packaging.  This encrypted code complies with the serialization (SGTIN) standards as defined by GS1 / ISO and will support emergent technologies like blockchain and “The Internet of Things”. Each individual product bears a unique code that is un-hackable; accompanying that product along its logistical journey.


Our coding technology uses algorithms based upon innovative encryption methods, securely generating the code during manufacturing while avoiding any impacts on production efficiencies. INEXTOR is also providing a very precise control of the production volume.


With INEXTOR, the product can be instantly located within the distribution chain, both geographically and within its container (crate, shipping case or pallet, etc.) and the authenticity of the product immediately verified. This is a simple, secure, and cost-effective way for stakeholders to monitor the conformity of their products from the manufacturing stage to when they are released onto the market, while enabling public authorities to verify that tax payments have been made. 


  • Only authorized parties securely generate codes, marked during product manufacturing.
  • Each item has a unique code.
  • INEXTOR Serialization module is compatible with standard printing equipment.
  • Codes are impossible to hack in a database:

    Codes are neither stored nor communicated to preserve security and confidentiality. Only the authorized parties have all required information to verify production volumes and codes.

  • Robust to data network failure:

    Confidential information is encrypted and signed. Codes are not stored. 

  • Codes contains tracing information verifiable offline:

    As codes are generated online based on machine information, while verified offline, they provide full tracing information (factory, machine, product, date, time).