The Central Tracking Repository.

INEXTRACK is our global repository and central tracking solution that enables visibility of supply chain event data at all stages of product aggregation and movement; from its manufacture through to its final point-of-sale.


It helps to verify product integrity and movements from manufacturing to consumption and from a single unit to the highest level of packaging (container, pallet).


INEXTRACK is able to interface with many data architectures, including the EPCIS standard, and will alert stakeholders to supply chain issues through its robust data analytics and extensive visibility of tracking data.


In addition, our central tracking repository will enable supply chain optimizations and cost-effective recall capabilities.



  • GS1 - EPCIS repository.

  • Full control of the distribution up to P.O.S.

  • Tailored Reporting.

  • Statistics on time to delivery.

  • Supply chain optimization.

  • Warehouse stock management.

  • Production volume control of remote manufacturing centers.

  • Powerful recall capability.

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