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Industry Standards (GS1, Epcis): Strength in unity

In today's interconnected and globalized world, interoperability has become essential. Examples of interoperability are all around us, like an ATM withdrawal from another bank, to various smartphones from different manufacturers interfacing seamlessly.


With universal, interoperable communication standards, all stakeholders within the supply chain can now freely exchange product, logistics, and trade-related information across multiple technology platforms. Information is the lifeblood of a supply chain and this free-flow of information enables increased transparency, which in turn, builds trust between and amongst trading parties, to include essential trust between brands and their consumers.


INEXTO technology guarantees interoperability between each economic actor by standardizing on open, interoperable standards from the GS1 standards association. This universally recognized industry association and its system of standards promotes and develops a common, shared language based on open standards. GS1 standards facilitate the universal exchange of information and transactional data around the world.


At the core of the GS1 standards are agreed industry practices to uniquely ‘identify’ physical products and locations such as factories and warehouses. The standards provide guidance and protocols on how to ‘capture’ this information through scanning of a data carrier.

The bar code is also known as a ‘data carrier’ and has specific use-cases. For example, the traditional 1-dimensional bar code on food and consumer goods is well known for its original use-case of aiding the automation of point-of-sale operations. The GS1 2-dimensional bar code such as the GS1 Data Matrix has specific use-cases in pharmaceutical and medical device supply chains.

In high-speed, high-volume sectors there is a strong and proven use-case for the newest addition to the GS1 standards called the GS1 dotcode.


Meanwhile, product marketing use-cases applying the GS1 QR code are common as a pointer to a website with company or product information.


INEXTOR provides unique identification through its discreet “tattooing” of billions of items all over the world, in total compliance to these standards.


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