2019 | MIHAS - The Malaysia International Halal Showcase

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The 16th edition of MIHAS will take place from the 3rd to 6th of April in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Its purpose is to defend and protect Halal market. 778 companies from 32 countries will participate and present their solutions to improve and support the Halal cause. MIHAS delivers opportunities across the global Halal markets : Food, Islamic Finance, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, etc. 

INEXTO is pleased to participate to this event and present its INEXTO suite - in particular its new authentication solution INEXTRUST. You will be able to talk with our expert during a workshop in the Industry Zone, on Wednesday 3rd of April from 3pm to 4pm. 

SMEs Go Global with E-Commerce empowered by 4th Industrial Revolution Technologies: Blockchain, iOT and AI. 

The $2.55 Trillion Halal Industry will need to meet the increase of Halal food to feed 1/4 of the World's population by 2030. Inevitably cross-border trade will be engaged to satisfy consumers' demands. With the advancement of e-commerce, SMEs now have the opportunity to access Global Markets. Unfortunately, with global e-commerce trade, comes the risk of fake goods, tainted food and fraud. How is the Halal industry going to address the pain points of going global without SMEs hurting their brands, reputation and compromsing on food-safety? How can SMEs take advantage of digitalization and 4IR technologies like Blockchain, iOT and AI to sell globally, increase sales and at the same time deliver safe and genuine halal food products to demographics of 2 Billion consumers?

To get a private demo, join us at our booth 1J29 !

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