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All Publications 01 February, 2021

OneAgrix, an Agriculture and Halal Food B2B e-commerce platform and Switzerland-headquartered, INEXTO - an industry leader in cloud-based global tracking systems and brand protection solutions - have strategically partnered to facilitate a digital traceability solution as an enabler of transparent, trusted, and ethical trade for the fast-growing global halal industry.

The digital traceability solution will address issues in the halal industry such as secure serialization, Track & Trace for end-to-end visibility in halal products trade, authentication for anti-counterfeiting of halal certification and interoperability of halal supply chains.

OneAgrix is positioned as a digital global halal ecosystem with a built-in end-to-end solution for the halal industry; from halal supply chain management to logistics to cross-border payments for halal trade. OneAgrix and INEXTO aim to leverage their partnership to create and maintain an increased level of trust and transparency within the OneAgrix digital halal ecosystem. The ultimate objective is to elevate and maintain the integrity of food trade in Agri and Halal sector, advocating SDG-17 (Sustainable Development Goals) Trade-for-good.

Diana Sabrain, CEO of OneAgrix, said:

Entering into a strategic partnership with INEXTO and integrating their technologies into our ecosystem is a no-brainer - as they are a respected solution provider with a core focus on ethical trade. With the recent meat scandals, its high time stakeholders in the halal industry adopt full track-and-traceability, from farm-to-fork, to regain back trust from end-consumers.

OneAgrix bridges the gap between suppliers and buyers for cross border halal trade. Halal supply chains can benefit from being more inter-connected and inter-operable. Advancements in food technologies have made food processing more complex, resulting in increased complexity within halal supply chains. Digitization and digitalization are the solutions to better design, manage and optimize halal supply chains.

To build a digital halal ecosystem with an increased and sustainable level of halal integrity, strategic partnerships and collaborations among multiple halal participants contributes and reinforces the cycle of trust within the ecosystem.  This requires inter-operability and inter-connectivity among participants and multiple halal supply chains within the OneAgrix ecosystem. The partnership between OneAgrix and INEXTO results from the need to design a better functioning digital halal ecosystem for all participants.

The Covid-19’s global disruption has further stressed the need for more robust supply chains that are agile and can respond to vulnerabilities and bottlenecks. The pandemic has highlighted the importance of increased connectivity of supply chains through smart digital transformation technologies that result in access to real-time insights and thus better decision making. The world is moving increasingly towards a global digital economy, motivated by consumers digital connectivity and demand for easy to access products. Generation M – the worlds young, educated, affluent and well-travelled Muslims – will also cause a shift in the halal market as they demand the same accessibility for halal and its related products as they find in the mainstream market. OneAgrix’s B2B ecosystem offers food traceability and increased trust among all participants along the food supply chain - from the farmers to the end product distributors and consumers.

INEXTO is tracking 100 Billion products annually and prides itself adhering to International Standards. INEXTO is bridging the communication gap between brands and their consumers through universal, interoperable communication standards that are backed by GS1 standards. GS1 standards facilitate the universal exchange of food information and transactional data around the globe, ensuring increased transparency among the trading parties.

With a mission to address B2B, B2C and B2G interoperability, INEXTO provides data security, brand, and trade protection for its clients by delivering scalable, innovative, and comprehensive solutions.

According to Philippe Chatelain, CEO of INEXTO SA :

In a digital economy, data and its flows are becoming increasingly significant. The partnership between OneAgrix and INEXTO is about building trust and transparency around the product provenance, supply chain movements and authenticity. All the stakeholders within a supply chain can now exchange products on the OneAgrix platform enabling more trust and transparent information, food security, halal product authenticity and integrity.

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