Regulatory compliance software

Streamlined global compatibility

Leveraging our expertise and automated technology, businesses can achieve efficient and accurate global compliance while focusing on core operations and growth.

Regulatory compliance software

Compliance made easy

Automating global compliance is essential for businesses to ensure seamless adherence to ever-changing regulations, reducing manual effort and minimizing the risk of errors.

Regulatory Compliance

Automated multi-regulation, packaging and commercial compatibility solutions for seamless global compliance

Streamlined processes

Reduce manual errors and enhance overall efficiency and business performance

Comprehensive features

Real-time monitoring, serialization, authentication, advanced audit and inspection capabilities

Corporate track & trace

Access corporate data storage, standard and tailor-made data analytics reports

With our global compliance software, businesses can achieve full compliance with legal, packaging and commercial requirements while also gaining valuable insights into their supply chain operations.

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Regulatory compliance software

The importance of regulatory compliance

INEXTO solutions help your company manage a wide range of compliance regulations through modular and non-intrusive solutions while having access to real-time data on your operations.

Over the past decades, governments have adopted a series of measures to combat illicit trade and allow more informed purchasing decisions. As part of those measures, manufacturers are requested to implement product serialization, aggregation, and tracking.

Transparency and compliance are crucial. Our global compliance software enables a better understanding of a product’s lifecycle, from production to disposal, ensuring visibility, control and optimization of the supply chain through availability of and access to reliable information in real-time.

Our track & trace technology automates compliance processes by integrating with existing systems, such as ERP or manufacturing execution systems. Through advanced algorithms and real-time data tracking, our solution automates serialization, authentication, and regulatory reporting tasks, further reducing the risk of manual errors.


Maximizing visibility and control

With an effective track & trace technology, you gain real-time visibility into every step of your supply chain. From the moment products leave your facility to their final destination, you can monitor their movements, ensuring complete transparency and control. This enhanced visibility enables efficient stock management, proactive production planning, and minimizes the risks of overstocking or stockouts.


Efficient recalls management

Track & trace systems provide comprehensive insights into returned products. By swiftly identifying and tracking returned items, you can quickly identify the root causes of returns and take appropriate corrective actions. Streamlining the returns management process minimizes associated costs, improves customer satisfaction, and helps retain valuable relationships.


Loss prevention and theft mitigation

Track & trace technology helps detect and mitigate losses and theft. Through traceability, you can identify potential points of failure in the supply chain and take corrective actions to prevent losses, minimizing the risk of theft and related costs.

Regulatory Compliance

Our customer reviews

INEXTO has satisfied the requirements for demonstrating and validating their technical capabilities in the Microsoft Partner Network Program.

Dan Truax


Exceptional industrial execution and operational deployment (…) providing competent authorities with the means necessary for the proper performance of their mission and ensuring PMI full compliance.

Rodney Schaddee Van Dooren

regulatory compliance software

Regulatory compliance software

Why work with us?

INEXTO is a leading provider of global solution for Authentication, Secure Serialization, Track & Trace and Production Volume Verification. Its technology is already securing over 100 billion products annually.

Through a vast experience, INEXTO has developed an in-depth knowledge of the complex problems facing regulators, enforcement agencies, businesses, and consumers.

We deliver scalable, comprehensive and innovative solutions, tailor-made to fit your specific needs and requirements perfectly, 100% digital.

Streamlined regulatory solutions for seamless global compliance
High-speed serialization and activation capabilities: 1000 products/minute
Huge Tracking Capacity for an infinite array of products
Interoperability solutions for integration and collaboration across systems
Trustworthy support including consulting, follow-up and after-sales service

As a respected solution provider with a core focus on ethical trade, product performance and project excellence, INEXTO has established itself as an indispensable partner for governments and business alike.

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What we do

Creating long-term value with Track & Trace ! Our main goal is Brand Protection.

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Leveraging specialized track & trace technology and expertise can significantly enhance compliance efforts. By partnering with a track & trace service provider like ours, businesses can access tailored solutions designed to meet regulatory requirements seamlessly.
Regulatory compliance software, particularly in the context of track & trace, refers to specialized solutions designed to help businesses adhere to industry-specific regulations and standards governing product traceability and authenticity.
Our technology automates compliance processes by integrating with existing systems. Through advanced algorithms and real-time data tracking, our solution automates serialization, authentication, and regulatory reporting tasks.
Turn Track and Trace Challenges into Business Opportunities

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