Serialization Software

The digitized supply chain

In the context of digital transformation across industries, serialization ensures that product data is accurately captured, recorded, and transmitted throughout digital checkpoints, enhancing visibility and control for companies and consumers.


Secure your supply chain

Serialization software plays a crucial role in ensuring product authenticity, traceability, and regulatory compliance. Our serialization technology helps businesses achieve greater transparency, efficiency, and security across their supply chain operations.

Digital ID

Unique identifier or code to identify each individual item digitally


Track products from manufacturing to distribution to the end consumer


Assess the product’s legitimacy via ID scan on smartphone app

Anti-Counterfeit Measures

Make it more difficult for counterfeiters to imitate your brand

Our serialization solution automates the process of assigning and managing unique serial numbers, facilitating seamless integration with existing manufacturing and supply chain systems.

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Serialization Software

Traceability and Trust

In the context of supply chain management and anti-counterfeit measures, serialization software is crucial for tracking the movement of products from manufacturing to the end consumer.

Each serialized item carries its own identifier, a unique product identity card, renown as the proven most secure serialization solution on the market. Companies can track the status and location of products throughout the supply chain.

This traceability helps in identifying the source of any issues or defects and facilitates efficient recalls if necessary.

Serialization is a key component of anti-counterfeit strategies. Serialized codes can be used by consumers, retailers, and authorities to verify the authenticity of an item by scanning or checking its unique identifier against a database of authorized products.

By implementing unique serial numbers or digital codes on products, companies can safeguard their brand and supply chain, enhancing trust amongst consumers through authenticity and transparency.


Maximizing visibility and control

With an effective track & trace technology, you gain real-time visibility into every step of your supply chain. From the moment products leave your facility to their final destination, you can monitor their movements, ensuring complete transparency and control. This enhanced visibility enables efficient stock management, proactive production planning, and minimizes the risks of overstocking or stockouts.


Efficient recalls management

Track & trace systems provide comprehensive insights into returned products. By swiftly identifying and tracking returned items, you can quickly identify the root causes of returns and take appropriate corrective actions. Streamlining the returns management process minimizes associated costs, improves customer satisfaction, and helps retain valuable relationships.


Loss prevention and theft mitigation

Track & trace technology helps detect and mitigate losses and theft. Through traceability, you can identify potential points of failure in the supply chain and take corrective actions to prevent losses, minimizing the risk of theft and related costs.


Our customer reviews

INEXTO has satisfied the requirements for demonstrating and validating their technical capabilities in the Microsoft Partner Network Program.

Dan Truax


Exceptional industrial execution and operational deployment (…) providing competent authorities with the means necessary for the proper performance of their mission and ensuring PMI full compliance.

Rodney Schaddee Van Dooren

serialization software

Serialization Software

Implement tomorrow’s technology today

In the context of global digital transformation, we contribute to a world in which transparency and compliance are key, where businesses and consumers can thrive in a safe environment.
As a respected solution provider with a core focus on ethical trade, product performance and project excellence, INEXTO has established itself as an indispensable partner.

Microsoft Gold Cloud Partner

ISO 27001 Certified

Our unique and innovative authentication/track & trace system has proven highly effective in high speed, 24/7 industrial environments with high volume of data. We ensure seamless interoperability between businesses, consumers, and government entities, safeguarding data security and protecting the brands and trades of our clients.

100+ Billion Tracked Products/Year

1 700+ Production Lines

2 500+ Tracking Locations

100+ Countries

INEXTO provides the most efficient and cost-effective solutions available on the market for securing products in large scale across complex supply chains.

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What we do

Creating long-term value with Track & Trace ! Our main goal is Brand Protection.

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Serialization software is a specialized tool used to assign unique identifiers to individual products or components, enabling them to be tracked throughout the supply chain.
Serialization in the context of an operating system refers to the process of converting data structures or objects into a format that can be easily transmitted or stored, typically for communication between processes or systems.
Our track & trace solution employs advanced serialization tools that integrate seamlessly with manufacturing equipment, packaging lines, and enterprise systems, enabling businesses to comply with regulatory requirements, prevent counterfeiting, and enhance product traceability.
Turn Track and Trace Challenges into Business Opportunities

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