Tax Collection Software

Empowering data-driven governance

Our digital solution empowers governments to enhance and optimize tax operations while preventing and reducing illicit trade and protecting citizens’ health and safety.


Visibility, Control, Protection

INEXTO’s Government solution is a modular and customizable solution that enables government authorities to have complete visibility and protect domestic production, import, export, and distribution of goods.

Enhanced Regulatory Control

Complying with supranational regulations and protecting citizens’ health and safety

Improving tax control operations

Cost-savings and optimized resource allocations in tax revenue collection

Agile and Innovative

Adaptive to evolving regulations, customer requirements, and industry trends

Applicable to different Industries

Tobacco, beer, spirits, wine, soft drinks, bottled water, and others

Our Tax Collection Software considers the requirements and specifications of all stakeholders: Ministries of Finance, Health, and Industry, tax authorities, customs, manufacturers, importers, and exporters.

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Tax Collection Software

Combating Counterfeit and Illicit Trade

Through knowledge and solution transfer, we contribute to a world in which transparency and compliance are key. We empower data-driven decision-making and governance.

Over the past decades, governments have adopted a series of measures to combat illicit trade, leveraging digital solutions like our Tax Collection Software. As part of those digitizes measures, the implementation of our Track & Trace solutions is paramount in controlling and securing the supply chain of sensitive goods.

Performant solutions designed for diverse production environments

High-speed manufacturing and global distribution networks

Manual, semi-automated, and fully automated production lines

Interoperable standards, GS1, ISO, 3rd party government information systems

By applying a unique identifier to each individual product, we enable consumers and authorities to verify the legitimacy of an item through digital ID authentication, protecting consumer’s health and safety while combating illicit trade and products, a significant threat to local economies.


Maximizing visibility and control

With an effective track & trace technology, you gain real-time visibility into every step of your supply chain. From the moment products leave your facility to their final destination, you can monitor their movements, ensuring complete transparency and control. This enhanced visibility enables efficient stock management, proactive production planning, and minimizes the risks of overstocking or stockouts.


Efficient recalls management

Track & trace systems provide comprehensive insights into returned products. By swiftly identifying and tracking returned items, you can quickly identify the root causes of returns and take appropriate corrective actions. Streamlining the returns management process minimizes associated costs, improves customer satisfaction, and helps retain valuable relationships.


Loss prevention and theft mitigation

Track & trace technology helps detect and mitigate losses and theft. Through traceability, you can identify potential points of failure in the supply chain and take corrective actions to prevent losses, minimizing the risk of theft and related costs.

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Our customer reviews

INEXTO has satisfied the requirements for demonstrating and validating their technical capabilities in the Microsoft Partner Network Program.

Dan Truax


Exceptional industrial execution and operational deployment (…) providing competent authorities with the means necessary for the proper performance of their mission and ensuring PMI full compliance.

Rodney Schaddee Van Dooren

tax collection software

Tax Collection Software

Digitization and Governance

INEXTO’s technology is an enabler of transparent, trusted, and ethical trade. We believe in digitalization and technological advancement as positive changemakers in society and government.

INEXTO is a leading provider of global solution for Authentication, Secure Serialization, Track & Trace and Production Volume Verification. Our technology is already securing over 100 billion products annually.

As a respected solution provider with core values on ethical trade, product performance and project excellence, INEXTO has established itself as trusted partner for future-oriented governments and innovative businesses alike.

We deliver scalable, comprehensive and innovative solutions:

Secure Serialization

Track & Trace


Supply Chain Visibility

Product recall

Partner with INEXTO and explore how our Tax Collection Software and digital solutions can benefit government tax operations, while also advancing data-driven decision making in governance and assisting authorities in complying with supranational regulations.

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What we do

Creating long-term value with Track & Trace ! Our main goal is Brand Protection.

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Illicit trade is a major challenge for governments worldwide, representing nearly 3% of global GDP, negatively impacting the local economy, consumer safety and public health.
  • Improving tax revenue collection
  • Detecting, preventing, and reducing smuggling and counterfeiting
  • Protecting citizens’ health and safety
  • Complying with supranational regulations
Illicit pharmaceuticals are estimated to cause one million deaths annually, contributing to severe public health crises, and counterfeit drugs make around USD 200 billion/year. In this context, the ability to trace and control supply chains is paramount in helping governments protect their citizens.
Turn Track and Trace Challenges into Business Opportunities

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