Inexto suite

Inexto suite 

INEXTO guarantees efficiency and cost-effectiveness because of its innovative and proven solutions which are based on our unique experience and know-how. 

Our solutions are easily adapted to business needs and can track & trace any product at all stages of its life-cycle. Concretely, our expert personnel assess each industrial process and provide effective solutions that do not impact manufacturing efficiency nor product quality. Our turn-key solutions, adapted to off-the-shelf equipment, are implemented with a rapid return on investment.


The benefits are immediate! 


INEXTO technology reduces complexity and provides ease of accessibility to information and authentication mechanisms via a smartphone. With our INEXTRACE smartphone application, stakeholders can instantly verify and authenticate products through a secure digital identity and can monitor product history throughout the entire supply chain. Our unique solution brings the brand owner closer to its consumers. 


Inexto suite components


A product’s passport


Instant access to information


The Central Tracking Repository


Secure aggregation


The smart tracker


The ultimate tool for authentication

Inexto/Inexto Suite