Authentication solution.


INEXTRUST is a full digital security feature that can be verified with a smartphone. It enables consumers to authenticate products, retrieve information, and certify a provenance of Trust in their purchase. 



A state-of-art security feature which can be used by consumers, internal staff, and law enforcement to provide authentication and other B2C functionalities. 




  • Invisible:
    INEXTRUST does not need any additional printed element or chemicals. Because INEXTRUST is a discreet security solution, it does not require additional elements to be added to your packaging. 
  • Integrated into existing packaging:
    It can be combined directly with existing graphic elements such as logos, texts, data carrier's, etc. It integrates seamlessly within your current design and thus does not require the packaging design re-certification, to include additional regulatory compliance approval. 
  • Authentication with a smartphone:
    No need to buy additional scanning devices. You can verify the authenticity of your products by using your own smartphone with the INEXTRUST application. You do not even need a Wi-Fi connection.
  • No additional printing costs:
    The INEXTRUST code can be printed with traditional printing processes such as offset, flexography, rotogravure and digital printing. Laser engraving on metal is also possible. 


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